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I’m Steve AKA “Swept Away.” I’m a hiker, trail maintainer, ATL-Springer Mtn shuttler, and volunteer water quality monitor. I went to school for ecology focused on freshwater wetlands, but these days I work in IT. I have a cat named Indie, because all the other names were too mainstream, and an Austrailian Shepherd named Atlas who is just the most adorable baby boy. I write because I have things to say and can’t figure out how to shut up.

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I review gear here, but I have some rules about my reviews that I think keep me ethical.

  1. No free gear is kept. Any free gear sent by a vendor must be returned to the vendor, paid for at new-item price to the vendor, or donated to charity. Further, I don’t keep loaners unless the vendor offers for me to keep it, and if I accept, I pay full new-item price. I’m also happy to cover shipping myself.
  2. No overly negative reviews will be posted. If I have a bad experience, I send back the item and provide feedback to the vendor. I’m a firm believer that there is no perfect gear and what works for me may not work for someone else.
  3. I post what I post, but the vendor gets a copy of the intended review by email first in case they want to make any comments. It’s my choice whether or not to include those comments.
  4. If you absolutely want to send me something for free, I’ll sell my soul for stickers and hats 🙂 but it has to be after the review of your product is published and without my prior knowledge.
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