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The Doldrums and Hiker Identity

I start to feel like a bad hiker around this time every year. It’s been about two months since I’ve even thought about hitting the trails. I don’t hike above 85° here in the US South. It’s just too hot and humid. Instead, my gear gets a good airing out from mid-June to mid-September. Still…

How To Survive Your First Trip In The Wild – Backpacking for Beginners

Reviewing “How to Survive Your First Trip In The Wild – Backpacking for Beginners” by Paul “PMags” Magnanti. 139 pages. 200 grams. PMags is a triple-crowner, trail guide, and writes prolifically about backpacking at I have the written review for his book below, but PMags and I also hopped on a zoom to talk…

Trip Report: Pinhoti Trail – Dennis Mill Trailhead

April 2nd 2022 – 7:30am Start – 36* F and Partly Cloudy – 8.6mi out-and-back over 4 hours moving. I kissed Trouble bye, then Atlas and I hopped in the car at about 6:30am. The drive from Cartersville to Chatsworth was beautiful, passing mostly through farmland and woods. Having walked the Pinhoti in 2014, I…

Bailing Out – Leave the Ego on the Trail

Friday night my girlfriend, Trouble, and I packed up camp at 2:00 am and left the forest behind. We hadn’t walked a single mile on trail. The weather was pristine. No bears chased us away. Instead, we left because I could not feel good about the safety of our car, and us as people who…


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